9 Ways Real Estate Is Your Smartest Investment

Real estate is your smartest investment simply because of its proven wealth building power. One my first mentors taught me the most valuable lesson I could ever learn. He taught me that true wealth had nothing to do with the size of my bank account. Instead True Wealth is about having enough income coming in […]

Negotiate Like a Pro

What to do when the seller asks for Highest and Best offer

Highest and Best Offer – The Pitfalls to Avoid.

When the Sellers asks for your highest and BestAs active investors, all too often we are seeing this statement in our emails as the banks response to our initial offer.

We have received multiple offers, so the seller is requesting your buyer’s Highest & Best offer by 12:00pm today.

Banks are literally pitting investors against each other in hopes of driving the price of the property as high as they can get it.  Sounds like they’re getting smarter trying to protect their interests the best they can by working the system. Read more

Direct Mail

The Power of Direct Mail

Even Today, Direct Mail Is One of the Most Effective Marketing Tools for Growing Your Business

How to find more real estate dealsDirect mail marketing is still a valuable vehicle for finding real estate investment deals. In fact, despite the rise of the Internet and ever-increasing broadcast ads, direct mail advertising is still extremely effective.  There’s a reason you receive a constant flow of ads into the mailbox at your residence or business—because it works. And it works because of its ability to make personal, one-to-one contact with your prospect.

Many people look forward to the mail. In fact, 98 percent of consumers bring in their mail the day it’s delivered, and 77 percent sort through it immediately. In addition to that kind of exposure, direct mail offers 10 additional benefits that other forms of advertising do not, such as: Read more

How to Find Government Owned Real Estate Deals

Let the Government Find Deals for You

Government Agencies Are Busy Creating Real Estate Opportunities in Virtually Every American Community

Finding Government owned property dealsSome real estate investors complain about the government. That’s easy to understand. None of us like code enforcement, property taxes, building codes, etc. But the fact is, you should love the government, because it’s hard at work creating hundreds of thousands of good deals for you.

Many government agencies acquire properties well below market value and then turn around and sell them to the public. These government-owned properties are not hard to buy. After all, government agencies encourage people (homeowners AND investors) to buy property in communities all over the country. Why? Because it is to the government’s advantage to provide safe, well-maintained, affordable housing to its citizens.

Here are several examples of how government agencies acquire properties for pennies on the dollar, and how you can find them: Read more

How to Choose a Professional Property Manager

Managing Rental Property does not have to be difficult

Choosing a Property Management Company that will properly manage your rental property can be difficult, but is doesn’t have to be that way.  In our haste to get the rent to come in, we may be tempted to go with a company with a good story to tell.

Here are several tips to ensure you make the right decision. Read more

Invest in Real Estate

How to Invest in Real Estate

What it takes to start investing in Real Estate today

How to get started Investing in Real EstateThere’s a lot of money to be made in real estate, especially in today’s market. Trust me, if you don’t get involved with real estate today, then you’ll look back tomorrow and wished you had.

Every so many years the real estate market hands us an opportunity that can’t be denied. I saw this about 20 years ago as the market recovered from our last great recession, and I see the same thing starting to repeat themselves today. I know many people who invested and made millions at the tail end of the last recession, and I know many more people will do the same as they get started today.

But what holds you back? For many people, it simply not knowing what to do. So let’s take a quick look at some Read more

Determine real value

How to Find the Value of Real Estate

Familiarize Yourself with the Three Approaches for Determining a Property’s Value

How to find the value of real estateWhen an appraiser goes to determine the fair market value of a property, he/she will use one of three approaches (or methods). If you are dealing with single family houses, you’ll probably only see appraisals that use the Comparable Sales Approach. Nevertheless, it’s good business to be familiar with the Income Approach and Cost Approach as well—especially if you graduate into commercial property. Read more

Investor Bus Tour – Field Training and Deal Making

Real Estate Investor Bus Tour – Investor Field Training

Real Estate Invetment Group Mentoring ProgramI have done more than my share of Real Estate Investor Bus tours in my day. In fact, to be totally honest, it is one of my preferred types of training.  The bus tour takes you where no seminar ever could.  It takes you into the streets and into the actually property looking and scouting for deals.  That is why your interested in Real Estate investing anyway, right?  You want to find deals, learn how to analyze deals and how to structure offers on your deals.  Or maybe you just want to see how you can do even more deals than you are right now.  And that is what a bus tour can show you.

There are many types of tours put on by many groups.  From real estate agents who are just looking for creative ways to sell a property, to seminar groups who just want to sell tickets to investor groups who want Read more

Lease Option Investment Strategy

The Power of Lease Options

This Popular Technique Is the Perfect Strategy for the Current Housing Market

The Power of Lease OptionsWe’re going to talk about lease options (also called lease purchases). Lease options are a powerful (and profitable!) investing strategy that can be used to create win-win situations for both buyers and sellers.

But the best lease option deals are done when you act as the seller. As the seller, you can charge your tenant-buyer an option deposit that goes in your pocket whether they buy the property or not!

This is ALWAYS a good strategy for you to employ as a real estate investor. But it can be even easier and more profitable in our current economic climate.

What Is a Lease Option? Read more

How to Screen Tenants

How to Screen Tenants like a Professional

Selecting the Right Tenants Will Put More Money in Your Pocket

TeHow to screen tenantsnants, toilets, and trash.

Those are just three of the nightmares for landlords who don’t have a proven system in place for screening their tenants. There are others, of course—but when you get right down to it, most landlord problems can usually be traced back to the tenant you’ve selected.

Everyone has heard horror stories from disgruntled landlords who seem to have problem tenant after problem tenant. But if you run your business the right way, this will rarely be an issue for you. Let’s look at some techniques for selecting good tenants. Read more